Civil Justice Reform Group

Founded in 1994, the Civil Justice Reform Group (CJRG) is the silent partner to its more boastful colleagues in arms. The secretive group has no employees, no office, and leaves the lightest paper trail possible. Run out of the white-shoe law firm Wiley Rein, the CJRG is the source of much of the tort reform movement’s ideas and resources.

Corporate general counsels from the likes of Exxon, State Farm, Johnson & Johnson, DuPont and Caterpillar are responsible for establishing the group’s agenda. The CJRG does not like to promote its own brand, preferring to keep its corporate members out of the spotlight. The group has few expenses other than the contributions it makes to other tort reform associations. For example, the CJRG provides ATRA with as much as 20 percent of its budget every year.

According to ATRA’s Victor Schwartz, one of the architects of the tort reform movement, the CJRG “do things in a quiet and effective way without fanfare.”