Commuters Died. Is No One Accountable?

This crash killed 25 people and injured more than 100. It was a horrible accident; an uncontrollable fire, trains piled on top of one another, blood everywhere, people screaming out in pain and fear. It was California's worst train disaster ever.

The French owner Veolia is worth billions, but when it came time to compensate the victims and families of those in the accident, the judge’s hands were tied.

The law allowed the judge only $200 million to compensate over 100 people for their injuries, which may sound like a lot, but in most cases it was not even enough to cover medical expenses.

The judge compared it to treating 125 people with 10 bandages.

Why did it happen? Because lobbyists behind the deceptively-named "Amtrak Reform and Accountability Act" shielded the company from full responsibility by putting a cap on lawsuit damages.

The company wins. The victims lose.