Forced Arbitration

Forced arbitration is a rigged, secretive process that strips employees, consumers, and patients of their constitutional right to hold law-breaking corporations publicly accountable in court.

Worst Corporate Conduct of 2017

In 2017, the #MeToo movement forced the country to confront an uncomfortable truth about how women are treated in the workplace. Women across the country began to speak out about being sexually harassed and assaulted at work. This epidemic has remained secret in large part because forced arbitration clauses hidden in the fine print of employment contracts prevent workers from holding their harassers and employers publicly accountable when they create a hostile work environment. Such forced arbitration clauses were brought into the spotlight when former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson bravely shared her story of sexual harassment. In sharing her story, Carlson prompted other women to come forward and share their experiences – uncovering a corporate culture rife with rampant sexual harassment.

78,000 Consumers to CFPB: End Forced Arbitration

Yesterday, Republicans in Congress voted to obstruct the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s authority to act on a critical consumer issue – ending forced arbitration.

Consumer Groups Call Out Microsoft for Use of Forced Arbitration

This week, Microsoft hosted its Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, DC. Microsoft has long used forced arbitration against its customers, so a coalition of DC-based consumer advocacy groups crashed the convention to educate the public and attendees about this abusive practice.

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Class Actions

Class actions allow people with similar claims to band together to hold corporations accountable. This gives American workers and consumers the power and ability to level the playing field, even when facing the most powerful corporations in the world.  


Asbestos is the quintessential example of corporations knowing that they were marketing deadly products and covering up the evidence for profit.

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