Trial Attorneys are Committed to Public Safety

When corporations act irresponsibly and government regulatory agencies fail to protect the public, the last resort for Americans to seek accountability is in our courts. The American civil justice system is in place to enforce safety standards, reveal dangerous defects, and hold corporations accountable when their products kill and injure Americans.

As trial attorneys, we see every day why a strong civil justice system is necessary in order to ensure corporations prioritize safety. The American Association for Justice is committed to improving public safety, and that is why as an organization, we fully support limiting court secrecy and urge Congress to pass the Sunshine in Litigation Act.

Both state and district courts have taken steps to limit court secrecy and the Sunshine in Litigation Act would simply ensure that federal courts also consider public health and safety matters before issuing protective orders, sealing court records, or approving secret settlements.

Whether it’s dangerous cribs, defective drugs or exploding tires, court secrecy endangers consumers and allows corporations to hide wrongdoing.  Americans have a right to know about hazardous and defective products.