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Real Story: Arbitration Clause Turns College Dream Into Nightmare

When it comes to forced arbitration, many don’t realize they’ve signed away their right to justice until it’s far too late. 

Debbie Brenner knows that all too well. 

After deciding to pursue a career as a surgical technician, Debbie chose Lamson College because, according to Debbie, it claimed it had an accredited program and made many promises about the demand for its students upon graduation. But as Debbie reports, when the school provided teachers with little to no experience, labs equipped with broken and outdated equipment, no externship support and no job placements or employment services, the student were outraged.

Little did they know there problems had only begun. Because buried in the fine print of their applications were forced arbitration clauses that eliminated their access to justice in a court and their ability to hold Lamson accountable for its broken trust. 

Forced arbitration clauses allow corporations to eliminate your right to take a case to court when a problem arises and instead force consumers, employees and small businesses into a private arbitration tribunal designed by the very corporation the dispute is against. Where’s the justice in that?

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