National Asbestos Awareness Week: Remembering Lives Lost and Renewing the Fight for Justice

The week marks the 11th Annual National Asbestos Awareness Week, as designated by the United States Senate with the bipartisan, unanimous passage of Senate Resolution 125. The American Association for Justice applauds our lawmakers and advocates who created this important event, and we welcome this opportunity to honor and remember the countless lives lost to asbestos diseases. Further, our observance of Asbestos Awareness Week renews our commitment to seek justice and accountability from the corporations that knowingly poisoned and killed Americans.

Raising awareness this week is a critical first step, but we must continue to shine a light on the corporations that continue to endanger Americans. However, we must also remember that asbestos continues to threaten public health and safety. Despite conclusive evidence that asbestos causes several excruciating, fatal diseases, this toxin has not been banned in the United States and is discovered almost every day in our homes, schools, and children’s toys.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we have no idea where this insidious poison will be uncovered.

Recently, Senators Dick Durbin and Edward Markey made just such an effort with the introduction of the “Reducing Exposure to Asbestos Database (READ) Act” [S. 700]. If enacted, this bill would go a long way to prevent further deaths from asbestos exposure by finally requiring asbestos corporations to disclose where they have placed their deadly products.

We hope that Members of Congress continue the fight for transparency and accountability from the asbestos industry beyond Asbestos Awareness Week, and encourage them to protect their constituents from the ravages of asbestos diseases by co-sponsoring the READ Act.

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