Make Your Voice Heard on Generic Drug Safety

Here’s a problem: Generic drug manufacturers are not allowed to independently update their labels to warn of newly discovered side-effects. And they can’t be held accountable if their drugs injure or kill Americans. It’s a generic drug safety loophole.

Take the story of Kira Gilbert, a healthy 22-year old in Ohio. After tearing her ACL, she took a generic painkiller – and within days, died from an acute cardiac failure. She and her family had not known that there had been growing evidence of the danger of the drug, because there was no such warning on the drug's label. The FDA would later completely ban the drug.

Kira’s parents couldn’t even take the drugmaker to court for failing to warn of the risks – because it was a generic drug.

The labeling problem is widespread, because generic drugs now make up 80% of all prescriptions filled in the United States.

The FDA has proposed a plan to fix the problem, to enable generic drugmakers to independently update their safety labeling, and to be held accountable if their labels don’t warn of safety risks.

But the plan is under attack by the generic drug industry; it has already been delayed once, and it could be delayed again.

Take Justice Back has launched a new petition to FDA, calling on the agency to finalize their plan. Please sign it today and share it with your friends!