Looking Ahead in 2015 with the Promise to Practice Safety on the Road

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) launched its new Safe Driving Policy initiative to encourage AAJ members, their law firms, and their staff to promote safe driving practices on a professional and personal basis. The AAJ Safe Driving Policy was developed by AAJ member, Joel Feldman, who created the End Distracted Driving (EndDD) campaign after his daughter was killed by a distracted driver.

The AAJ Safe Driving Policy builds on AAJ members’ efforts to advocate for safety, accountability, and justice in and out the courtroom. The AAJ Safe Driving Policy focuses on eleven key principles to be a safe driver and encourage others to drive safely as well. The principles include driving without texting, reducing or eliminating other distractions, and sharing responsibility with drivers for arriving safely.

Joel shared with me that his law firm has a safe driving policy, so I decided to do the same, and have adopted a safe driving policy for my firm, too. I hope, whether you are a solo practitioner or in a large firm, that you will join me in making 2015 a safe New Year.

Joel and his wife Dianne Anderson established the EndDD campaign to end distracted driving through education and awareness. Hundreds of trial attorneys have volunteered to speak at their local schools and community groups using the EndDD presentation that Joel developed with scientists and traffic safety experts who specialize in behavior change theory and teen persuasion.

Together, they have reached more than 225,000 people across North America.

EndDD is one of the featured programs of AAJ’s Trial Lawyers Care (TLC) initiative, which highlights the community service of trial attorneys who volunteer and give back to their communities.

To find out more about the AAJ Safe Driving Policy, go to www.justice.org/safedriving.