Hyundai Shifts Gears on Arbitration Policy

Do you drive a Hyundai and have had some issues with whether or not your service was under warranty?

If so, you and many may have been shocked with the revelation that, in order to challenge those warranty concerns, you’d have to go through arbitration. 

Until now. 

According to The New York Times, Hyundai has reversed its policy. The decision came after a previous article appeared in the Times outlining the manufacturer’s arbitration requirement.  It was a policy that required some warranty disputes to be settled through binding arbitration — unless owners notified Hyundai, within 90 days of purchasing the vehicle, of their decision to opt out of the arrangement.  Owners would have had to pay up to $275 to help cover the cost of the proceedings.

The report reveals that Hyundai said it was dropping the arbitration clause “because we don’t want people to be misled and think we don’t stand behind America’s best warranty.” 

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