Demand that Schwab Drop Forced Arbitration

Public Citizen is running an important petition against Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. for its use of forced arbitration in contracts.  If you are a private investor doing business with Schwab, you should consider registering your complaint by signing this petition.   

Corporations insert forced arbitration clauses into the fine print of their contracts for one reason: they want to avoid accountability in court when they are accused of doing something wrong.  What this means is that if you have a dispute with a corporation that has hurt you – even intentionally – you are forced to deal with an arbitrator of their choosing in a costly and secretive tribunal.  Sound like a good deal?

These forced arbitration clauses are rampant today precisely because corporations have figured out that it’s a very good deal for them – and not for you.

So check out the petition and stand up for your rights to hold corporations like Schwab accountable for their actions.