How Are Your Rights Threatened?

Corporate Front Groups

The “tort reform” movement shields corporations from accountability by eliminating access to the court for consumers, workers and patients. Leading the charge are five shadowy front groups founded and backed by some of the largest multinational corporations.

Brought to You By the 7th

The 7th Amendment is your right to a trial by jury. It allows you to access the civil justice system and hold corporations accountable when they injure and kill innocent Americans, pollute our environment and endanger our children.

The Fine Print

Hidden in the fine print of many consumer contracts - from credit cards and cell phone contracts to nursing home care and employment contracts - are dangerous forced arbitration clauses.


Asbestos is the quintessential example of corporations knowing that they were marketing deadly products and covering up the evidence for profit. By the 1930s, asbestos manufacturers were aware that their workers were dying at alarming rates.

Generic Drugs

Nearly 80 percent of all prescriptions in the U.S. are filled with the generic version of a drug.