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U.S. Chamber Sets Agenda to Eliminate Your Rights In New Congress

While not every race has been called and some ballots are still being counted, one thing is abundantly clear: the U.S. Chamber knows exactly what it wants from a Republican controlled Senate and the focus of its agenda is eliminating your legal rights.

The U.S. Chamber is not known for being transparent or consistent. That's a gross understatement. 

New Study Debunks Defensive Medicine Myth

A new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine debunks the myth of defensive medicine, which is often used by proponents of legislation that limit patients’ access to justice and legal accountability. 

Gulf Coast Chambers Break Up with U.S. Chamber Over BP Oil Spill

Eight outraged local Gulf Coast Chambers of Commerce are standing up for their local businesses while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce continues to side with BP in the ongoing litigation over the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.

Watch out for the fine print when you order your new iPhone!

The new iPhone is out and over 10 Million were sold in the first weekend of the release. For consumers looking for the latest and greatest in tech gadgets this is good news, but what you may not know when you sign your new cell phone contract with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or AT&T is that buried in the fine print are dangerous forced arbitration clauses.

Happy Constitution Day!

The U.S. Constitution was signed on this day 227 years ago. Since then, 27 amendments have been added to the Constitution, and today we have a document that serves not only to affirm that the government of the United States exists to serve its citizens but to also grant essential rights to individuals. One right that has ensured accountability and justice and has made our country safer is the right to a trial by jury in civil cases – the 7th Amendment.

What Happens When Preventable Medical Errors Go Unreported?

How many preventable medical errors occur in your local hospital? 

Patients Cut Off from Key Hospital Safety Information

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has taken a troubling step backwards this month that could put all patient’s safety at risk. From now on, CMS will no longer publicly report eight conditions Americans can develop due to poor care called: “hospital acquired conditions” (HACs). 

These conditions include:

Mesh Survivors Call on Texas AG for Full Accountability

Perhaps more than any other product in history, vaginal mesh implants demonstrate the real harm that can occur when corporate greed and lax regulatory oversight combine. The early iterations of this device date back to the “womb supporters” of the 1800s and were known for the pain they caused and the difficulty doctors had in removing them. They were even featured in First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s 1933 exhibit “America’s Chamber of Horrors.” 

Outdated Trucking Law Hurts Crash Victims

Tracy Morgan along with two other passengers injured in a truck crash last month in New Jersey have filed a lawsuit to hold Walmart, the operator of the truck, accountable in court. This crash has elevated public and lawmakers’ awareness of unsafe trucking industry practices. Last night on The Last Word some of these unsafe practice were discussed.

House Side of U.S. Capitol Closed Today Because of Asbestos

For the public and lawmakers who believe the dangers of asbestos are in the past, today’s Washington Post story is a stark reminder that Americans are still being exposed to deadly asbestos in their homes, offices, and in our nation’s schools. 

Asbestos is still legal and lethal in the U.S. In fact, to this day, diseases linked to asbestos exposure kill at least 10,000 Americans every year. 


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