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A Hard Earned Retirement No Longer Enjoyed

Part of Phillip’s job as a mechanic at an industrial chemical plant in Alabama consisted of repairing and refurbishing industrial machinery.  He did it for 35 years.

His retirement offered Phillip a chance to spend time with his wife, tend to his farm, and make plans to vacation with his grandchildren. However, those plans were cut short.

Phillip began experiencing difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with mesothelioma. It turned out that his lifetime of working with machinery had exposed Phillip to asbestos.

Phillip never had the chance to take that beach trip with his grandkids.  Asbestos robbed him of that and his life.  Now, companies like the plant he worked for – who were responsible for his cancer – want to avoid responsibility. And their friends in Congress are working to do that, introducing a bill known as the FACT Act which benefits Big Asbestos instead of countless victims like Phillip.

The FACT Act (H.R. 526 / S. 357) violates the privacy of asbestos victims and their families by requiring private asbestos bankruptcy trust funds to publicly release extensive individual information about asbestos victims – including their medical diagnoses.