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Mesothelioma Cuts A Fathers Life Short

After leaving the army, Joe spent 20 years working for a local water company. Part of his job included working with cement pipes- exposing him to asbestos. A few years back, Joe began experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath and coughing, which his doctors diagnosed as mesothelioma. After his diagnosis, Joe underwent many medical procedures, dramatic weight loss, and a very painful battle that ultimately took his life. 

Joe left behind his children and his wife of 28 years. Adding insult to Joe’s untimely death, lawmakers are considering the FACT Act (H.R. 526 / S. 357) which allows corporations like the one Joe worked for – who were responsible for his cancer – to avoid responsibility. 

You have the power to stand up against Big AsbestosTell Congress to put Americans – especially our veterans – over corporate interests.